Friday, September 29, 2017

Download Jenius Financial Application for Andoid Free

Our features:
$CASHTAG enables you to use your own name or produce a singular identity thus you don’t ought to keep in mind an extended account variety any longer. currently you'll be able to send cash to, or request cash from anyone merely employing a $Cashtag.

SPLIT BILL permits you to separate any bill together with your family, friends or teams into separate payments and share it instantly while not wrecking relationships.

DREAM SAVER enables you to produce saving plans to attain your dreams, goals and uncertainties. each day it puts the cash needed into your Dream Saver with a better charge per unit.

PAY American state requests cash from anyone. All you have got to try to to is about the number and Jenius can mechanically send the requests, thus you all you have got to try to to is consider a way to reserve it.

CARD CENTER offers you full management of your cards usage with pay trailing on every card. you'll be able to merely briefly block and unblock cards and set a secure card limit.

SEND it's your simplest way of causing cash to anyone mistreatment their $Cashtag, email, sign or their checking account details and you are able to go.

ONE bit offers you complete access to all or any Jenius options merely mistreatment your fingerprint.
Visit for additional data and see however you'll be able to manage your Life Finance. At the instant, solely obtainable in bigger national capital.

By downloading this application, you comply with be contacted by Jenius team for data and support relating to Jenius.

Experience a brand new manner of life!