Friday, September 29, 2017

Download BPJSTK Mobile for Android Free


BPJSTK Mobile is AN application service to the participants as a sort of media growth BPJS Employment Program data services which will be accessed anyplace and anytime.

Applications can still be developed in keeping with the wants of participants Employment BPJS it easier to induce data associated with the service programs that area unit continually gift within the smartphone device.

BPJSTK Mobile additionally is a way for the user application services complaints of incompatibility of membership standing, the {number} of wages and number of workers.

App features:

1. Register victimization population knowledge

2. Check the balance of the maturity Security (JHT) on-line to quickly and accurately

3. Simulation Calculation of maturity Security (JHT)

4. data Program

5. data Branch workplace

6. The Central data Service and Social Media

7. Complaints

For additional data please contact the service center BPJS Employment:

Call: (021) 1500910



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